Sadness and Soviet Space Dogs

You Monsters Are People.

A friend of mine called me late the other night and said the following, “It’s like we’re in hell. This is hell… but it’s still so beautiful.”

I knew exactly what he meant. A few days prior, I was wandering around in the middle of the night sulking and filled to the brim with self-pity. Filled with pressing uncertainty and unsure of where to turn, I felt the kind of bad that you know is going to be special. At times, I wasn’t even thinking, I just felt this wave of cold negativity churn in my stomach and esophagus until it settled in at the base of my spine. From there it evolved into a sharp pain as it bore itself deep into my skull. I considered jumping off a bridge or just walking until my legs couldn’t carry me further. I couldn’t rationalize anything or visualize a solution to…

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